St. Stephen’s college has released list of candidates selected after interview. There are 7 lists. Check here result for BA Sanskrit Hons, BSc Chemistry Hons, BA Economics Hons, BSc Physics Hons, BA English Hons, BA History Hons, BSc Mathematics Hons. St. Stephen’s is one of the widely known colleges. The very prestigious bunch of talented faculties and an impeccable environment makes it a celebrated college in the world. The race to admission in this college is not that easy to win. Thousands of students apply every year to the admission process in this college. The road is not easy and also not less traveled.

St Stephen’s Admissions 2017

St. Stephen’s College of  the University of Delhi offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level programmes for the academic year 2017-18. The University follows the semester system in all its undergraduate programmes. University examinations are held twice a year, at the end of each of the semesters an academic year is divided into.

Candidate can check cut off details of St.Stephens Admission 2017 from the link given below.

St. Stephen’s 2017 – Selection after interview

Undergraduate Level Programmes

Every student is required to work towards a degree with a specific choice of courses. The duration of a Bachelor’s is three years. The following degree programmes are offered by the College in accordance with the regulations of the University of Delhi:

  • B. A. (Honours) in Economics, English, History, Philosophy and Sanskrit.
  • B. A. Programme
  • B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
  • B.Sc. Programme in Chemistry and Computer Science.

The medium of instruction in the College is English.

Choice Based Credit System

The Delhi University has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at the Undergraduate Level. The system has two components: Core Course and Elective Courses. In the B.A. / B.Sc. Honours, students are required to do 14 Core Courses and under elective, they are to do 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, 2 Skill Enhancement Courses, 4 Discipline Specific Elective Courses and 4 Generic Elective courses. For B. Sc. Prgramme, there are 12 Core Courses, 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, 4 Skill Enhanced Courses and 6 Discipline Enhancement Elective Courses. For B.A. Programme, 12 Core Courses, 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, 2 Skill Enhanced Courses, 4 Discipline Specific Elective Courses and 2 Generic Electives.

Postgraduate Level Programmes

St. Stephen’s College admits students to the following post graduate (M.A.) courses – Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Operational Research, Philosophy and Sanskrit, though all teaching work happens in the relevant Faculties of the University of Delhi.

Important Dates

Undergraduate Level Programmes
Online application facility opens 22 May 2017
Online application facility closes 12 Jun 2017
Declaration of cut-offs for interviews 13 Jun 2017
Publication of Interview Lists 14 Jun 2017
Interviews begin 17 Jun 2017
First meeting and registration 19 Jul 2017
Postgraduate Level Programmes
Application forms shall be available from

Interview Schedule

The Interview for admission to the first year UG courses will be held according to the given schedule. Candidates, especially those from outside delhi, are advised to make suitable travel arrangement to be available in delhi at least a day before their interview.

Selected Candidates

St. Stephen’s College has published the list of candidates selected after Interview for admission to various course. Selected candidates have to pay their prescribed fee only at SBI branch St. Stephen’s College in the college premises. Candidates can check the list of respective courses through the links given below.

Candidates List Who have been admitted to first year chemistry honours course in St. Stephen’s College, against the existing vacancies.They should pay their prescribed fees online latest by 3rd July 2017 after submitting their original certificates and two recent photographs in college office between 9 AM to 5 AM on working Days.

Application Form

Undergraduate Courses

Online application form is available on the College website: or candidates can apply online through the direct link given below.

Application Forms can be submitted online with the following charges:

  • Application fee per course: Rs. 100
  • Residence application fee: Rs. 200
  • Sports form: Rs. 250 per game

We advise you to apply well before the closing date in order to avoid last minute rush and unforeseen contingencies. No online application is complete unless the payment is successfully made. Any wrong or misleading piece of information in the application will disqualify the applicant. If the candidate is already admitted on the basis of wrong or misleading information, it will result in the cancellation of admission. Applications, incomplete in any respect, shall be rejected.

Postgraduate Courses

Post-graduate application forms shall be available online on the College website from (a date to be announced later). The college admits students for postgraduate studies only if they are cleared for admission to the University Department concerned. Therefore, besides applying to St. Stephen’s College, the applicant is required also to apply to the corresponding department in the University. Further information in this regard should be obtained from the office of the University Department concerned.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must satisfy the eligibility conditions laid down by the University of Delhi. Admission is given on the basis of the candidate’s academic record and performance at the aptitude test and the interview (that is, composite merit), keeping in mind her/his all-round competence, capacity to benefit from being in this College and potential to contribute to the life of the College. The previous academic record should be of a very high quality.
  • For admission to a Master’s programme an applicant must have a recognised Bachelor’s degree.
  • For admission to the first year of the Bachelor’s programme an applicant must have passed the Senior School Certificate Examination conducted by the CBSE or an examination regarded as equivalent to it.
  • The College admits students only to the first year of the courses of study offered. Migration from other institutions is not allowed at any stage.
  • The requirements to qualify for the aptitude test and the interview for different courses are as given below:
  • For B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics, B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry and B.Sc. Programme with Chemistry: The candidate must have done Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the qualifying level. The “cut-off” for these courses is decided on the basis of the aggregate percentage of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). All three subjects will be given equal weightage in the calculation of the PCM.
  • For B.Sc. Programme with Computer Science: The candidate must have done Computer Science/Informatics Practices or Chemistry in addition to Physics and Mathematics. The PCM or the aggregate percentage of marks in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science/Informatics Practices (PMC) form the basis for deciding the “cut-off”. An applicant who has studied both Chemistry and Computer Science in Class 12 can choose either PCM or PMC, whichever is higher.
  • For B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics: The candidate must have done Mathematics at the qualifying level. The cut-off is decided on the basis of the aggregate percentage of marks in the best four subjects (BFS), but in calculating the BFS, marks in Mathematics must be included in addition to at least one language. All four subjects will be given equal weightage in the calculation of the BFS. Those who have done only Business Mathematics are not eligible for Mathematics Honours.
  • For B.A. (Hons) in Economics: The cut-off is decided on the basis of the aggregate percentage of marks in the best four subjects (BFS). A candidate must also have done Mathematics at the Class XII level, and should have the minimum prescribed marks in Mathematics (which will be notified). However, Mathematics does not have to be included in calculating the BFS. In the case of foreign boards or schools, candidates must have done a course in calculus.
  • For B.A. (Hons) in English: Aggregate percentage of marks in the Best Four Subjects is the basis for deciding the cut-off percentage. In addition, the candidate should have the prescribed marks (to be notified later) in English Core/Functional English, or Elective English/Literature in English. Preference will be given to those who have done Elective English or Literature in English.
  • For B.A. (Hons) in History, Philosophy, Sanskrit and B.A. Programme: Aggregate percentage of marks in the Best Four Subjects forms the basis of cut-off marks.
  • For B.A. (Hons) in Sanskrit: The candidate must have studied Sanskrit at least up to class X and preferably up to class XII or equivalent.
  • For B. A. Programme (Urdu seats) a candidate must have studied Urdu at least up to class X and preferably up to class XII or equivalent
  • For applicants from Boards that include class XI marks also into the final results, the BFS/PCM/PMC will be calculated by combining the marks obtained in class XI and XII.
  • Wherever there is a reference to the “Best Four Subjects” (BFS), at least one of these subjects must be a language (which may be English or any other language). More than one language may be included in the calculation of the BFS. All four subjects will be given equal weightage in the calculation of the BFS.

Please note that the following subjects are not to be included in the calculation of the BFS: Environmental Education (ISC), Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Painting, Dance, Music, Physical Education, Home Science, Engineering Drawing and all other vocational subjects.

Admissions Under Sports Category

St. Stephen’s College has a rich sports tradition and participation in healthy outdoor activities is deemed basic to the “total education” that the college imparts.

Outstanding sports persons, who have played at the international, national or state level or have secured the first or second place in zonal school games, are eligible to apply under the sports category.

The college will consider only the following games for admission of students on sports basis:

Women and Men – Aquatics, Badminton, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Shooting (10 meter Air Rifle and Air Pistol) and Table Tennis

Only Men – Cricket, Football and Squash Rackets.

There are no printed forms for applying under this category. You can fill in the details by selecting the appropriate fields provided in the sports dropdown section in the online form. You are free to apply for more than one sport/game.

Candidates applying for admission under the sports category are called for sports trials. Please check the Schedule of Interviews, provided below, and ensure that you are present well in time. Request for retrial will not be entertained. Candidates are strongly urged to regularly consult the College Website and Notice Boards for the latest announcements. Those short listed at the trials are required to appear for an academic interview where the final decision on their admission is taken.

Sports admissions will be done based on the composite merit of the applicants assessed on the scheme of weightage given below:

  • Academic merit – 30% (Class XII marks 15%+ Interview 15%)
  • Sports Merit 70% (Certificates 28% + Field Trials 42%)

Sports category candidates are exempted from writing the aptitude test. Admissions in this category are carried out by a Sports Selection Committee comprising the Principal, the heads of the Department of Physical Education and the department to which admission is sought and other teachers of the College as nominated by the Principal.

Admission Procedure

Postgraduate Courses

Admission to an M.A./M.Sc. course is subject to the applicant’s securing admission in the University Department concerned, and an interview conducted by St. Stephen’s College. Dates for these interviews will be notified later.

Undergraduate Courses

Admission will be based on composite merit, which comprises

  • Class 12 marks: 85% weightage
  • Aptitude Test: 5% weightage
  • Interview: 10% weightage

Applicants belonging to Persons with Disability (PwD) Category will be exempted from the written Aptitude Test. Class 12 marks will have 85% weightage and the Interview will have 15 % weightage in determining the composite merit for such applicants. Sports category candidates are also exempted from writing the aptitude test.

Candidates shall be shortlisted for the aptitude test and the interview on the basis of cut-off marks. The ratio of the seats and the number of candidates called for the test and the interview will be decided by the Principal in consultation with the departments.

In each subject, the marks of the last candidate in this list become the ‘eligibility marks’ (referred to as ‘cut-off marks’) for being called for the interview.

For details of the subjects to be taken into account and additional eligibility requirements, if any, in determining the ‘cut-off’ marks for various Courses refer to the Requirements for Admissions section.

Shortlisted candidates (based on BFS or PCM or PMC, as the case may be) will be called for interviews, which shall be preceded by short written Aptitude Tests (of 30 minutes duration). These tests carry 5% over-all weightage.

For complete details regarding St. Stephen’s Admission 2017 – Download Information Brochure

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