Pradeep Servi GATE Topper Interview

Pradeep Servi scored 1000 in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and secured first rank in Electrical Engineering. Anyone who has prepared or appeared for GATE exam knows that getting a good rank in GATE is quite difficult. So what was it that Pradeep Seervi did, that led to this gigantic milestone? Find out in this GATE Topper Interview with GATE All India Rank 1 in Electrical Engineering.

Name Pradeep Seervi AIR 1
College of graduation IIT Mandi GATE Score 1000
GATE attempt First attempt GATE Marks 75.96
Subject Electrical Engineering After GATE Result Working as Executive Trainee Engineer at Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL)

Aglasem correspondent Pranjali Rastogi talks to GATE (2015) Electrical Engineering Topper, Rank 1, Pradeep Seervi.

Pradeep Servi GATE Topper Interview

Please tell us a something about yourself & your family?

I am a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, I love travelling to different places, playing computer games, table tennis and solving mental ability questions.

What was your favourite subject (in college)?

My favourite subject was control systems and digital electronics.

You studied B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Mandi. How is your experience at IIT Mandi?

I completed my B.Tech. at IIT Mandi in June 2015. It was actually a very good experience in studying in a new IIT. The environment of the Mandi city was quite fabulous, full of mountains and rivers. Studying in such a environment, away from the hustle of city, was very pleasing.

What motivated you to appear for GATE ?

I have always wanted to work in some core electrical company and PSUs are the best options for that. So I decided to appear for GATE.

You wanted to join a PSU in core electrical company, did you finally go for that? How is it going?

Yes, I have joined a PSU. The job is going quite well and upto my expectation.

What are your future career plans?

As of now, I have not made any specific plans.

Regarding GATE preparation

When did you start preparing for GATE exam? On an average, how many hours a day did you study?

I started my preparations after the third year of my engineering. I prepared a rough study plan which gave sufficient time for each subject and then tried to strictly follow it.
I could not set any fixed time for preparation. As I was in still in my final year of college, I had to find time for GATE amidst all the assignments, projects and quizzes. But I tried to strictly follow my study plan. I studied with full concentration whenever I got time to get the most out of it.
I actually started in August 2014 with my GATE study. I merged both my GATE preparation and college work till December 2014 depending upon the need of the hour. But I completely devoted all my time during the months of December and January for GATE 2015 Preparation.

How should one start preparing for GATE?

In my opinion, one should not start the preparation too early. Mid third year is the adequate time for starting the preparation. Once you start the preparation, first of all make a rough study schedule and strictly follow. Then first cover the entire syllabus in detail of a subject and then solve the questions. Or you can solve questions after completing some topics. In my opinion, the online test series should be joined only during the last two months before exam.

Which was the most difficult topic and how did you crack it?

I found power systems as the most difficult topic. I cracked it by reading it from various sources and solving a variety of questions from lots of sources. The only way to have a grasp over your difficult topic is to solve a variety of questions so that you can get tricks to solve different types of questions.

Did you opt for GATE coaching classes?

No, I didn’t take proper coaching as such.

Instead, I joined an online program Krash 2015 by Kreatryx. The K-notes and the Kuestions provided by Kreatryx were really very good and helped me during the final stages of my preparation. This was a crash course to fine tune my final preparation.

I also joined the online test series of MADE EASY. The test series helped me a lot in planning the correct strategy for attempting the GATE exam. It also helped me identify sections where I was weak and improved my problem solving ability.

How did you balance college studies with GATE preparation?

I somehow managed it by making a rough study plan. I used to study for GATE during weekdays, in the gaps between two classes and after the classes. And I managed my college studies during weekends.

According to you, what are the most important topics for GATE EE preparation that you think a GATE aspirant should focus?

Actually all the topics are important. The most important topics where one can lead are power systems, electrical machines and power electronics and the most scoring topics are network theory, digital electronics, control systems and maths.

What is your success mantra?

Faith in God and myself. GATE is not a difficult exam to crack, it just requires hard work and dedication.

If there were three key tips to crack the GATE exam, what would they be?

  • Don’t be afraid of lots of formulaes. Don’t fill your brain by memorizing complex formulaes.
  • Never be in a hurry during the exam. Give paper cool mindedly.
  • Please join some online test series and attempt them in a correct way. It will help you to make your strategy for attempting the main exam and your time management.

What should be kept in mind for last minute GATE preparation?

Often students spend most of their time in memorizing complex formulaes during last minute preparation but this is just a waste of time. Instead revise your short note. Also keep balance between studies and sleep and other activities otherwise your brain will crash.

Any suggestions/ advice to the Aspiring GATE Students?

Never lose hope during your preparation. Have faith in God. Work hard and give your best. GATE exam is not that difficult as people say, you would find it very easy if your preparation is very good. So work hard and BEST OF LUCK !

Books for GATE preparation

Please list the books you used to prepare for GATE EE exam.

For concept building, the books in the UG Curriculum will suffice but for core subjects, students must read other books. Truly speaking, I used to read handwritten notes of various subjects issued by Made Easy. These notes were very vast and covered every inch of GATE Syllabus.

Some of the great books which can be useful are:

  • Signals and Systems by Oppenheim
  • Control Systems by Nagrath Gopal
  • Advanced Engg Maths by Kreyszig
  • Digital Design by Morris Mano
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad

GATE Exam Experience

There are a lot of students who are apprehensive about the online (computer based test) pattern. In your opinion, is the format something to be worried about?

It is not something to be worried about, if you are already familiar about such online test. I mean to say, if you have joined some online test series and attempted a lots of online test, then there is nothing to worry about. You already know about various options available on the online interface. Actually the online test scheme is very helpful. You can mark questions for review, jump to any question or any section. You can see how many questions you have attempted, time left. The only problem with online test will be the online calculator, it will consume time but nothing can be done about that. Just practice online calculator a lot to increase your speed.

On the exam day, what was your experience like? Please elaborate upon this as it will be extremely helpful for the students.

The experience was very good. I had a very good sleep the day before exam and did not study/revise anything in the morning of the exam. I reached the exam centre and saw that everybody is tensed and still having notes on them and discussing some topics. One should avoid this practice. One should stand away from such people otherwise you will get tensed. I then entered the centre and set on my seat and just relaxed. I already had my strategy set for attempting the paper, the time to be spent on each section and for revising the questions. So the paper started, and time flew and exam finally ended. Never think about anything else during those three hours. Never be in a hurry during solving the numerical type questions. The numerical questions are easy but students generally make calculation mistakes. So solve the paper cool mindedly. Attempt only the questions you know, otherwise the negative marking will harm you. Don’t worry if you are not able to attempt all the questions, who knows the others may be attempting even lesser or going into negative marks. BEST OF LUCK !!

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