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The single entrance exam of IIT JEE was replaced by two stage JEE (Main + Advanced) a few years ago. Idea behind this was to reduce pressure of one-day performance. However, to maintain a separate level of competition for the IITs, the final admissions are based only on the merit of JEE Advanced exam. Like in any engineering entrance exam, preparation and strategy is important for getting a good score.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced / IIT JEE

JEE Advanced 2015 Preparation

Purpose of this article

Is to help students preparing for engineering entrance exams. JEE preparation is intricately related to several other exams. Such as, BITSAT, VITEEE, and state level engineering entrance exams.

Know about the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

About JEE (Main) exam – This is similar to the erstwhile AIEEE. Conducted by CBSE, the JEE Main exam structure consists of one paper of three hours duration. The question paper has 90 questions divided into three sections namely physics, chemistry, mathematics. Each section covers 30 questions of difficulty range moderate to difficult. For every correct answer, you get (+4) marks, and for wrong answer, (1) mark is deducted.

About JEE (Advanced) exam – The conduct and regulation is observed by IITs. Unlike the Mains exam, the Advanced exam has two papers of three hours duration each. Paper 1 and Paper 2 are conducted one after the other, on the same day. Each candidate must appear in both papers to be eligible for being in the merit list.

Each paper contains 60 questions divided among sections of physics, chemistry and mathematics. There are different types of questions such as

  • Multiple choice questions with single answer correct.
  • Multiple choice questions with more than one answer correct.
  • Match the following type questions.
  • Numerical answer type questions.

Marking scheme is generally a (+3) and (-1) pattern. However, the marking scheme varies from paper to paper. On the day of exam, you must definitely go through the instructions carefully before attempting the questions.

Use the best IIT JEE study material for preparation.

JEE Preparation Books – In school or coaching you are suggested the best books to prepare for JEE Main and advanced. Ideally, you should start preparing by covering all topics given in the syllabus from NCERT books. Move on to reference books to enhance your problem solving skills. To help you in picking up the best physics, chemistry and mathematics books, we have also prepared a concise list. Check out JEE preparation books to know more.

JEE Advanced papers – Previous year question papers must be solved by all IIT aspirants. The JEE Advanced / IIT JEE question papers are given here for your ready reference. Solve each paper within 3 hours. After the end of time limit, check the answer keys and solutions. You can analyze the strong and weak areas and prepare accordingly.

Time management in engineering entrance exam preparation

Start early and pick up speed in the last few months

It is essential to understand the value of time during JEE Advanced preparation. To get admission in the IIT of your choice, it is important to get a high score. The best students in the country compete to get admission in the top IITs namely IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkee. All the IITs and also institutes such as RGIPT, IISER, IIST also take admission on basis of JEE Advanced exam. You should start preparing specifically for the IIT JEE at least four to five months before the exam.

Self analysis and preparation strategy

By practicing topic wise questions, you can understand which areas you are good or bad in. for example if you have trouble answering questions from organic chemistry, chalk out more time in your study table for the same. For your strong areas, shift focus from theory to only problem solving. Ultimately, what matters is your grasp of the concepts along with ability to tackle questions.

Question solving methods

A multiple choice question pattern gives the freedom to students to solve questions in any which way they want. Generally there is more than one way to solve a particular calculation based problem. As long as you have the correct approach, you can choose the shortest method to solve it. Take care to avoid silly mistakes and calculation errors.

Avoid distractions during JEE Advanced 2018 preparation

There are six months remaining for the exam. Now is the time to gear up your preparation. You need to understand the importance of giving your 100% in the exam preparation.

Eliminate personal distractions

In the months before the exam, you should avoid any kind of distractions.

  • Social networking should be used primarily for information purposes and not for fooling around.
  • Video games or watching TV should be restricted to recreational hours (not more than 1 hour).
  • If you have trouble giving up watching TV for long, it is advisable to disconnect cable connection for few months.
  • Install productivity check apps to monitor your online usage.

Stick to your time table

Every minute is important in this race to score high in JEE Advanced 2015. You should make a weekly as well as daily time table.

  • In the weekly time table, set goals of finishing n number of topics in the week. Also that you should attempt sample papers.
  • In the daily time table, set apart time for every minute thing like morning chores, travel to school and so on. Try to include every minute in a pre-defined manner.
  • Sleeping well is also important. Less amount of sleep may lead to tiredness and lack of attention during studying.
  • Eat healthy. You need to avoid falling sick.
  • Meditate or exercise. This has been shown to increase productivity among students.

Most important of all – Believe in yourself!

The joint entrance examination is an important milestone in your life. However, it is hardly as difficult to achieve as some other goals you will have later in your life. Understand that you are as capable of achieving this goal, as any other student. As long as you work hard and do your best, that is all that matters.

Believe in yourself, and never give up!

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