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The University of Delhi is a public central university located in Delhi, India. It is wholly funded by the Government of India. The details of admission in University of Delhi (DU) is given below.

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Delhi University – School of Open Learning (SOL)

The School of Open Learning is a part of the Campus of Open Learning formerly known as The School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education, established under the University of Delhi in 1962, is a pioneer Institution in the field of Distance Education in India.

Delhi University – Central Institute of Education (CIE)

Central Institute of Education (CIE), now known also as the Department of Education of the University of Delhi, was perhaps the first major institute of professional learning and research in Education that was established since independence.

Delhi University – Delhi School of Economics

The Delhi School of Economics is one of India’s premier institutes of higher learning. The school was launched in 1949 by V.K.R.V. Rao, with the support of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. It grew out of a vision that a newly independent nation, which aspired to social and economic progress, needed a vibrant centre for advanced studies in the social sciences.

Department of Commerce Department of Economics
The Department of Commerce, formally set up as a separate entity in 1967, has imbibed the DSE tradition of exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. The department of economics, along with its sister departments of geography and sociology, has produced many of the country’s leading academics, educators, administrators, policy makers, corporate leaders and journalists.

Delhi University – Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law was established in 1924. The Law Faculty is claimed to be one of the largest law schools in India. The centre is situated in the university’s North Campus in Maurice Nagar, and is surrounded by a host of other prestigious academic institutions of the country such as the St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, Hindu College, Delhi School of Economics, and the Faculty of Management Studies

Delhi University – Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has been established under the provision of statute 9 (Nine) of the Statute of the University of Delhi and the Faculty has such powers and to perform such duties as may be assigned by Statutes and the Ordinances and shall, from time to time, appoint such and so many committees of courses and studies in different branches of knowledge as may be prescribed by the Ordinances.

Delhi University – Faculty of Homoeopathic Medicine

Delhi University Admission Resources

DU Admission 2014 Official Website: http://www.du.ac.in/

About University of Delhi

The University of Delhi was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and residential university by an act of the Central Legislative Assembly. The University which began life with three colleges and 750 students has now become India’s largest institution of higher learning and among the largest in the world. Presently the university has 16 faculties and 86 departments spread over North and South campuses. It has 77 affiliated colleges and a few other recognized institutes. It has around 1,50,000 regular students studying in undergraduate courses and more than 3,50,000 students in non-formal stream. The President of India is the Visitor, the Vice President is the Chancellor and the Chief Justice of India is the Pro- Chancellor of the University.

Recently, University of Delhi has come up with new and renovated infrastructural facilities including additional hostels, sports stadia, Wi – Fi networking, upgraded Class rooms, teaching laboratories and e-libraries. While various faculties, departments and university affiliated colleges are spread across the entire state, a computer network links them so that students and faculty can collaborate and draw upon the available resources of the university in an institutional way. The research facilities in different departments are of international standards. The university has signed many MOUs with different countries under International Exchange Programs and Treaties.

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